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Shmokin Joe

Bateau 1
Construction 2011
N° de coque # 20
N° de voiles GBR 7611R
Rating IRC 1,095
Pays Angleterre
Port Humble
Skipper Duncan Mcdonald

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Vainqueur du  Mondial J111 2014 à Cowes

le: 05 Aout 2014

Shmokin Joe le champion du monde 2014 voilé par UMUK était vice champion d'Europe en 2013


Shmokin-Joe est voilé par UMUK


Première course :

1er en temps réel et compensé en IRC1 J


Sixième toutes classes sur 1908 partants Résultats

Le: 27 juin 2011

JShmokin' Joe, IRC Class 2. Credit Rick Tomlinson.
Shmokin' Joe, IRC Class 2. Credit Rick Tomlinson. Vying for top spot as they headed out to the start on Thursday was Ian Matthews J/122Jinja, and Duncan McDonald/ Phil Thomas’ J/111Shmokin’ Joe. There are just two points separating these two and plenty of other boats in the fleet capable of stealing the glory. Wednesday's strong wind resulted in a few problems aboardShmokin’ Joe, one of the new J/111s, with one of the two co-owner doctors – Duncan McDonald – suffering an injury as a result of a heroic manoeuvre. According to Dr McDonald he had to save two holes discovered in the mainsail from getting worse. "We were sailing downwind in pretty fresh conditions and discovered these two holes in the main. Naturally I didn’t want the whole mainsail to explode when we gybed so I made every effort in the world to stop the mainsail hitting the spreaders. While doing that my leg got taken away by the traveller block that whipped across the boat." McDonald’s leg was in a poor state when he arrived back on shore, with a cuts and grazes to the knee, and swollen ankle, but he assured us he was going to be fine. "Actually I am not so worried about the scrapes but the internal injuries in my ankle. I put a lot of ice on it and rested it when we got in so I am hoping it will be okay to continue racing. Although I have to say it is slightly worrying. It is not broken it is just going to be a soft tissue injury. Phil Thomas my co-owner has had a look and we’ve come to the conclusion it’s just a sprain, so we just need to strap it up, take lots of pain killers." The good news, in this bizarre situation is, McDonald managed to save the main. "If I hadn’t, and the holes had increased it probably would have shredded and we wouldn’t have finished the race." Chatting about this new class, which seems to have turned a few heads on the race course this week, McDonald concluded. "We’ve had our boat for two months and all I can say it is a great boat. In every condition we’ve raced it, it has been great fun, fast, enjoyable to sail and I think it is a fantastic class." By Sue Pelling/CWL.


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SHMOKING Round Island Race

Première régate, première victoire,

Ultimate Sails news du 19 Juillet 2011