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This site is for anyone interested in J111 boats - skippers, team members, wishing to obtain information on the life of the series.
The J111 is an international deep-sea “monotype” sailboat, 11 meters long, ISAF certified   by the ISAF
The first units were launched at the end of 2010 (100 units will have been produced by the end of 2013).

Following, some more pages of information, and to relay the buzz surrounding the enormous potential of the J111.

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Toutes les informations concernant le championnat du monde à Breskens en Hollande en Aout 2018


Le: 20 Mars 2018


 J/111 2016 in Solent

July 7, 2015 . . . Chris Jones (“Journeymaker”) has been hard at work with local organizers in Cowes and has put together this tentative schedule of events for the 2016 World Championship. The schedule dove-tails perfectly with Cowes Week, perhaps the most famous and longest running of all race-weeks in the world. The plan is to have charter J/111s available for the Worlds as well as special shipping arrangements to entice teams to consider shipping their boats over for a fantastic month of sailing.

9-11 Jun J Cup
16-17 Jul European J/111
Jul 29-30 Pre-Worlds tune-up regatta
Jul 31 Rest Day
Aug 1-4 J/111 World Championship
Aug 5 Rest Day
Aug 6-13 Cowes Week

For additional advanced planning info please contact:

Chris Jones (email)
Paul Heys (email)


All informations about World Championship in Newport USA June 2015


Après le championnat du monde 2014 de belles photos sur cette page.
The World Championship  J111, 2014 in Cowes England

Le Jouet sous spi dans la brise trois petits coups (de barre) et puis, s'envole

Plus d'information sur le Jouet